Coincidence is Crap

coicidenceRecently I had an interesting experience that got me thinking.  I had just finished facilitating a community Despacho* Ceremony one evening and found myself feeling compelled to attend a ceremony/workshop event  the next week in Mt. Shasta, CA.   What’s interesting is that I really hadn’t felt the need to be there previously, especially as I had already done quite a bit of traveling nor did I have time available or the means to easily get there.  What’s even more interesting is that as soon as I started having this compelling feeling that I really needed to go, I realized that the days were actually open in my schedule.   I spent the next hour frantically figuring out how I was going to get there, lodging, etc. and miraculously everything fell into place.  Opportunities opened up and previously scheduled items seem to instantly be reorganized to accommodate my attendance.

Now some might call that luck or coincidence, but as I reviewed the sequence of events the next day I was completely convinced that it was neither of those.  The fact that this all took place right after a Despacho Ceremony where I verbally declared intentions and blew my prayers into Qintus* was the first sign that made me think “Aha”.

You see once you set intentions, create your visions and then turn them over to Spirit, the Universe begins to create and organize around them.  However, most of the time we are too busy caught up in distractions to really pay attention to that Divine orchestration.

The definition of  coincidence is remarkable concurrences of events or circumstances without any apparent causal connection.   You might view coincidence as that person that you run into or calls you up out the blue after you were just thinking about them.  Or some random events string together and something happens that you were wanting.  In fact, you might not have even realized you wanted it until after and then you would say  “What luck” or  “What a coincidence”.

Well, personally,  I think Coincidence is Crap.  There is no such thing.   Nothing is coincidence or luck.  Every moment of your life is unfolding in some order – a divine order – a creation of your thoughts and vibrations.

In this wave of “new age thinking” we have all become aware of a very basic law of nature – the Law of Attraction.   If you practice the law of attraction, then you are probably more aware of occurrences that go beyond coincidence and luck.  However, it’s more likely that big dramatic or traumatic events get your attention; but really it’s the smaller things that can add up and create the best and biggest possibilities.

In last month’s blog, I mentioned the Tipping Point — the point at which a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change.  Just like in the tipping point, a series of small or seemingly insignificant events that we may just ignore can amount to a very large change or event.  We might not even know how synchronistic the events were for some time. If we ignore these small events whether consciously or unconsciously, an opportunity or possibility to bring to us the bigger intention or desire can quietly slip away.

It is said that hind sight is 20/20.  It is always much easier to see the big picture after.   It’s hard to notice the series of random, seemingly insignificant events that don’t seem related until all the puzzles of the pieces have been put in place.  One very profound example of this was how I met my Beloved.   When I looked back and reviewed, I clearly saw that there was a series of unrelated events over a few months that led up to a moment that could have gone in a completely different direction and we would have been like two ships passing in the night.

What made the difference?   I was paying attention.   I knew then that it seemed like a coincidence and that I needed to pay attention to that moment and follow it. That’s the big key and that’s the point I want to make here.   Once you set intentions you must pay attention, because everything is going to lead you to that desire or lead you away depending on your action or choices.  The difficult part  is taking the action or making the choice that leads towards what you want and desire.

Take a moment right now to think about an experience where what seemed like a coincidence or lucky event brought you something you wanted.  Or maybe it was simply a new friend or an enjoyable experience, etc.  As you review and “track back in time”  you will see how the little “coincidences” led you to that event.  Now think of a few more.  The more you look the more you will see how those little coincidental events led to something really big.

So, start paying attention to the little things or events that happen around you.  The things that seem sort of random, coincidental or lucky.  Don’t over analyze – that takes the fun out the journey.  Be the observer as if you were watching or participating in a mystery play. Pay attention to the little things – these are what will ultimately lead you to the big dreams and desires that you truly want.

You may not know what the outcome is going to be,  but I can assure if you are setting good intentions it will be just what you want.

So let me summarize to be sure you followed  me through this journey.

  • COINCIDENCE IS CRAP.   There is no such thing.
  • SET INTENTIONS.  Be clear and concise; focus more on feeling and high vibrations than details.
  • PAY ATTENTION.  Notice the random or coincidental things that happen and don’t just ignore them. Attention will increase the vibrational attraction.
  • TAKE RIGHT ACTION.   The Universe loves action. If you sit on the sidelines afraid to move then what you want will pass right by you.

In case you are wondering – I don’t yet know why I was supposed to be at Mt. Shasta for that ceremony/workshop but I am glad I paid attention, took action and went.  Now I am trusting that whatever comes from it will be magnificent and divine.

* Despachos are beautiful  and powerful prayer bundles used for healings and manifestations in the traditions of the Peruvian Andes Shamans Qintus are a set of 3 leaves (representing the 3 worlds) in which prayers, blessings and intentions are blown into them  with your breath.  The bundle is then burned, buried or set to sea to send to the Heavens and Earth to be answered.   If you would like to participate in one, please contact me at

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