Why Energy Healing?

Energy Healing

Whether by itself or as an adjunct to traditional therapy and/or coaching; energetic healing is a proven method for achieving deeper and more profound results much quicker. Through intuitive wisdom and energetic healing we can get to the very deepest core and root cause of what keeps you from fully achieving the dreams, desires and visions you have for your life.

Energy healing clears away the energetic imprints and blocks in our Luminous Energy Body, heals and releases karmic patterns, releases limiting fears, beliefs and blocks allowing you to come into vibrational alignment and exponentially increase your ability to transform your life and create the life you dream, desire and deserve.

From this place you will connect with your authentic inner divine self, discover greater clarity, inner purpose, and balance. Then, the emotional pain, physical pain and “dis-ease” will fall away and your life will begin to flow more easily and beautifully finding each day JOYFUL.

What Healing Modalities  & Processes do you use?

In my own personal experience and in working with others I found that there is no one specific process that will fit all needs and all people.  We and the world around us are in a constant state of change and energetic evolution.   This is way I work with many different healing modalities and energetic processes.

I can’t ever tell you specifically what will transpire in a session because I am intuitively guided by your energy field and soul; and by my own Guides and Ascended Masters that come to assist.

Some of the processes I use are – Shamanic Healing Processes such as Soul  & Destiny Retrievals, Illumination, Energetic Extractions, Karmic & Past Life Healing & Crystalline Consciousness.  I also utilize  Hypnotherapy to help you acheive a deep relaxed and open state as well as NLP techniques that can anchor in the shifts and changes into your physical body and assist you in the integration.    In addition, to working with balancing and cleansing the Chakras, I  include healing work on multi-layers of your Luminous Energy Field (LEF) so that the deepest and most permanent multi-dimensional healing takes place.

 What Happens in a Session?

What happens in a session - Joy Brugh

Every session starts with creating a safe and sacred space together where we step from ordinary world to the non-ordinary world.   As we talk about what your intentions are – the challenges that you are going through and the changes you want to make – I  “track” your Luminous Energy Field (LEF).  This informs me where energetic imprints, heavy energies and past life or karmic issues, are holding you back.   I work with a large lineage of ancestors, Ascended Masters and Luminous Etherical Beings who will guide, inform and show me whatever is needed to assist you in your healing.

During the session I will use any number of energetic processes that I have been trained in and am guided to do to clear your LEF.   You will also be guided into a deep restful state and powerful healing journey so that you can begin a transformational shift on the sub-conscious and conscious level.

The session will end with a integration time so that the work can begin to be fully anchored into all levels of your mind, body and soul plus we will discuss any potential actions steps that need to be taken or ways to easily integrate our work together once you return to your everyday world.   It is important for me to help you learn the tools that you need to support yourself everyday.

What is Shamanic Healing?  

shamanic healing

Shamanic Healing is the oldest form of doctoring, and is powerful medicine for the modern world.  I am trained as a Full Mesa Carrier in the traditions of the Q’uero and Inca Lineage from the Andes Mountains.  I utilize core shamanic healing, which is a distillation of several ancient healing practices made practical for our modern day world.  A shaman is one who can access the unseen world, which is where your most powerful transformation takes place.   In the unseen world I can travel backwards in time to heal traumas from past events that are deeply rooted within and travel forwards in time to bring the essence of the whole and healed you.  In this way dramatic change can take place quickly and easily.

 What ‘s Karma & Past Life got to do with it?

karma past lifeAs Eternal beings we choose to reincarnate over and over again to learn the lessons and have experiences that will further our evolutionary growth as souls and continue to bring us closer to the ultimate expression of our Divine Soul Self.   Often times in previous lives when have an experience or a life that causes us to misunderstand the truth of that experience or life; or we create a contract or agreement in a moment of fear.   This is the nature of Karma.   The beautiful thing is now that we have shifted into a new time we are no longer bound to live out experiences in order to heal that Karma.   Karma is so much easier to heal and clear then it was a few years ago and even more so then decades ago.

The same is true for past life issues.  As souls we agree to have certain experiences with other souls for our soul’s growth, but many times these experience are traumatic either in life or at death and even both.   These can leave the soul with deep-rooted fears that are carried through into the next life and the next and the next.

Karma & Past Life Healing is two-fold. It requires not only healing on the energetic level but also helping your conscious mind to see that the belief, mis-understanding or fear is no longer valid. Also, while karma and past lives issues can be easily cleared, it is often difficult to do on your own because you cannot be in two vibrational places at once, so working with a healer trained in this makes it much easier. In the processes that I use, both will happen and shifts can be almost instant.

Crystalline Conscious & Crystal Skulls 

crystalline skullsI am delighted to be have been guided to this amazing body of work.    The Crystalline Consciousness Work brings forth assistance for thriving in this new 5th Dimension paradigm.  Just like our Mother Earth we are all undergoing a transformational process of evolving to higher vibrational frequencies of a crystalline nature.  This Crystallization and energetic harmonization helps us towards a time where both individually and as a global community we can operate in full alignment with Divine Love.

In every session I facilitate the multi-dimensional crystalline to you.  By receiving this dynamic energetic work,  you literally upgrade, re-structure, re-align, re-inform and activate your multi-dimensional DNA resulting in a transformed consciousness and highly beneficial changes in the mind, body, and spirit.  The Crystalline is run after your energy field has been cleared bringing this high vibrational frequencies in to fill up the spaces that were just healed and align all of your to these higher crystalline frequencies.   A wonderful side benefit of not only Energy Healing but especially with the Crystalline is that as we let go and shift our physical bodies heal as well and those annoying pains and ailments gently fade away.

The Crystal Skulls serve as an anchor for our divine counter parts and allow that connection to be more tangible and easier.  The Crystal skulls exponentially increase the healing that is being done in each session often times doing the healing work themselves as they are able to access realms and places much easier and quicker.

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