Transforming in Transitional Times


Are you Stuck and can’t get past what ever it is no matter what you do?

Have you just experienced a major life change and ready for closure and healing?

Do the same experiences and patterns keep repeating in your life?

Do you feel like you are swimming up stream and are ready to stop?

If you are ready to  “blow up”  being STUCK, blow up whatever limiting beliefs, karma or energetic blocks are keeping you from living a purposeful and passionate life then this package is for you.

If you want to move through a major life change and create a NEW Beginning then this package is for you.

TnT  is a powerful 5 Session Package for Transformation which will help you with any or all of the following and much, much more.


It will help you:

*Release and heal heavy energies and beliefs that keep you stuck.
* Heal relationships & release the toxic ones!
* Discover your life’s purpose and passions.
* Manifest personal & professional goals
* Tap into your intuition and gain clarity.
* Release genetic, past life & karmic contracts & re-write new agreements with reality and the universe
* Learn personal transformation tools you can use on your own
* Heal and transition through a major life change.
* Connect and create a deeper relationship with your Higher Soul Self.
* Get to the root cause and heal deeply within for permanent results and change.

5 sessions


(Savings $365)


2 pay

$275 / month

($550 total)

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