Tipping Point

tipping pointRecently I have been noticing more and more that those who have done some deep personal and transformative work over the last year are right on the verge of some major shifts.  They are at a “Tipping Point” as I like to say.   Now as an intuitive healer I usually “see” this before they experience it.  From my perspective what it looks like is their energy body is clear of the heaviness and imprints that kept them stuck and in fear.   What’s most important now is making the slight changes and adjustments in thinking, behavior and perceptions that will tip them over into the wonderful place of the transformation they were seeking.

So what exactly does Tipping Point mean?   

Webster Dictionary defines the tipping point as  “The critical point in a situation, process, or system beyond which a significant and often unstoppable effect or change takes place”.  Malcom Gladwell popularized this term in his book The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference  (which is a very good read).  In the world of Quantum physics, this magical phenomenon is called “critical mass”.

Now most of us relate to this phenomenon from a global or collective viewpoint but in the vast world of your own internal universe and soul, this “Tipping Point” is a critical place.  If you are not aware you can just as easily tip backwards to that old place of being stuck and fearful.   The reason being is outwardly you may not even be aware of the magic that is going on within.  All you know is that life hasn’t quite shifted yet.  Oh, there may be some things that have changed and you are consciously aware of then, but painfully you feel like you just aren’t there yet and you really, really want to be.

Does this sound a little bit like what you are going through?  OK, good news! As in so many things awareness and information can be just enough to tip you in the direction that you want to go.


Everything is energy.  Everything within you, around you and including you is operating in the realm of energy.   Most of us now realize that in order to affect change in our lives we start by shifting, healing and changing things at an energetic level and then our world around us begins to change.   So what happens is that sometimes there is a lag between the shifts and healing that takes place in the unseen energy world and the manifested physical world.  This is often referred to as an integration time.  Another good example of this would be sound or light.  We learned in elementary school science about the speed and delay of sound or light — the event takes place before you see or hear it.   This is true when we shift and heal on an energetic level.  The healing has already occurred but there is a bit of a delay in the manifestation of the transformation.

As I said in the beginning I see this before my clients do.  We have been working a few sessions together to heal an issue; they will then come in for a session but as I scan their fields are clear and healed, however because of this lag they haven’t quite manifested full transformation.  This is the tipping point!

At this point it will take just a few small conscious changes to cause the larger more significant change and TIP the transformation into place!  What’s is critical here is to make those conscious efforts and changes in the right direction!


  • You have been diligently working energetically and mentally on the issue or experience you want to transform.
  • You are almost instantly and/or are consciously aware, catch yourself in the midst or just after when you participate in old behaviors, patterns and thinking.
  • You find that you shift back to a good feeling place quicker and more easily.
  • You may have an internal argument going on within between the ego mind and the heart wisdom.
  • You may notice the lack of logic in your behavior versus what you know to be authentically true.
  • You are feeling an unexplained anxiety even though your thought patterns do not reflect that.
  • You have a feeling or sense of being more of the observer in your life then participant.


What is most important when you are at this tipping point is to be consciously aware that you are there.  These tips will help you make the right focused and conscious small changes to ensure that you TIP in the RIGHT DIRECTION!

  • At the moment of awareness that you are participating in old behavior and patterns.  Take a deep breath and acknowledge that.  Just like breaking an old habit the more you recognize and stop the less you will continue.
  • Be patient and breathe! Let the energy within take a moment to catch up after the moment of awareness.  This will greatly shift the next manifested action to one that will reflect the higher vibration of the healed self.
  • Keep the analytical ego mind quiet and the changes at the energetic level.
  • DO NOT continue to tell the old story and re-hash it.
  • Tell your new story – the one of how you have healed and life is better; even if you are not quite there yet.
  • DO NOT over analyze, moan and groan about how you are not there yet.
  • Mantras and affirmations can be very effective at this stage because it is more about the conscious mind then the energy body.  They will help to distract the ego during the integration of your healed energy field and your conscious mind.
  • Recognize and Celebrate every small shift.  Consider a log, journal or a star on a calendar to keep track.  These references points of the small changes will show you how much you really have changed.

Above all remember – the seed is sown and planted in the ground even though you can’t see it is growing.  If you are ready to harvest your seeds of change they just might need a tiny bit more nourishing before they are ready.

3 Responses to Tipping Point

  1. Gwynneth September 26, 2013 at 12:56 am #

    This is so true! Very timely, thanks for writing about it. 🙂

  2. Carolyn March 27, 2014 at 6:57 pm #

    It’s amazing that you have written this article. Thanks it’s right on timel..


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