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Learn the ways of our Ancestors.

Learn how to practice Ancient Wisdom and Healing in a Modern Day Way.

The Shaman operates at the level of spirit, the level of pure energy, working with the luminous energy field that surrounds and informs the body. In this Monthly Group we will learn how to operate at this level too and thus we will gain access to the matrix of the Universe of living energies and be able to weave for ourselves and others wonderful new worlds
of our becoming.

Join us as we seek to connect with our inner guidance to ask important personal questions, to ask for healing and help in our life and receive practical spiritual wisdom in return. Each month we will have a direct experience in learning the powerful tools that will take us through a process of personal development, empowerment, and healing.

rsz_animalsThis Monthly Study/Discussion Group gathers on the 1st Tuesday of each month to discuss, learn and explore The Ways & Wisdom of the Shaman & Shamanic Practice.

It is an experiential gathering perfect for those just beginning their Path or who already Walk the Path; for it is in our coming together and connection of a shared intent and experience that we can empower ourselves and others.

The foundation and framework of the Monthly Meetup Group is the Mystery Teachings of the Inka Medicine Wheel and its focus on the Four Directions. This is a powerful compass and map that is easily translated into our everyday lives.

You will have the opportunity to engage and participate in a variety of meetings, workshops and Ceremonies  all with Ancient Shamanic Ways and Wisdom interwoven into them on varying levels.  You will connect with others to learn, share, participate, grow and be supported through your own personal journey.

Shamanism is a way of being; a way to walk in this world but not be of this world. Shamanic Wisdom flows from a deep intuitive knowing and connection to the Divine essence of all that exists. It is not dependent on any particular religion or set of practices. As we achieve this wisdom and knowing through earth vibrations and energies we become the Earth Keepers, we become the Shaman,

Now more than ever, the call is there for us. The Ancient prophecies of the Americas teach that we are entering into a new Stage of human evolution. Other ancient traditions speak of this new time as well. We are now on this threshold — 2012, the Fifth Dimension, the Time of Pachakuti, the Time to Come — and our evolution has begun — the Luminous Evolution to which we can fully manifest our transcendent nature.

The Shaman’s Way is one of personal transformation, empowerment, healing, and embodying the sacredness of all.  It is about awakening to and becoming one with the Great Spirit and Mother Earth.

Step into your own Luminous Becoming.    Step into the ways of our Ancestors.

Step into Shamanic Ways and Wisdom.


All sessions are held on the first Tuesday of the month, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm in Newbury Park, California. Location details will be provided once payment is made.

Please contact Joy at for the session’s dates. 



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