Shamanic Practices for Modern Day Living Series 8 – There is no looking back …

Being CertainAre you certain …? How many times have you or someone else asked you that question before a big change in your life such as leaving a job, a relationship, pursuing a dream, a passion or simply something out of the ordinary?   Often we never do or complete these things because the fear of the “what ifs” or uncertainty holds us back.

The shamanic practices I’ve been sharing the last few months help us to overcome our fears that keep us from our truth and certainty.  With those practices now in our life’s toolbox we can learn the practice of certainty.
The practice of certainty means that you have an unwavering commitment to what you have chosen – the passions of your soul and the desires of your heart.  It means you commit fully to living a life of joy and know without a doubt that this is the life you are creating. You let go of the idea that you don’t have enough, you’re not good enough, you’re not rich enough or that you are making a mistake.  You know without a shadow of a doubt that every experience moves you forward and in each there is beauty if you chose to see it. You know and feel, despite the inner voices of your small self or outer voices of those around you, that your life is flowing and unfolding in a sacred and divine way.

Practicing certainty helps you to close those “back doors”, the escape clauses, which keep you from staying on track and moving forward.  When you are not 100% committed or focused on the path you have chosen in that moment you will not be fully present.  A back door will block your creativity and flow of possibilities; your energies become divided – an energetic fork in the road that can keep you from moving forward fully towards what you want.

Back doors create leaks of energy that could otherwise be available for you to fulfill your dreams. The back doors and escape clauses such as “just in case … “ or “if this doesn’t work out I can always go back …” are places where fear hides, the fear of un-certainty and the un-known.

This doesn’t mean blind faith, impulsiveness or uninformed decisions. Uncertainty comes from our fears and limiting beliefs. The first step in practicing certainty is to become familiar with your back doors. You have to turn around to see and recognize the why and what, otherwise you end up focusing on the problems that can and do arise from your decision. This blocks you from seeing the opportunities and synchronicity. Without back doors you can be certain of only going forward.

So, be the courageous Luminous Warrior not the foolish jester – close your back doors; take that quantum leap into your truth and certainly.

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