Shamanic Practices for Modern Day Living Series 9 – Are you ready to get naked?

black-woman-looking-in-the-mirrorMost of our lives we’ve been afraid to show all of ourselves to family, friends and the world in general OR as I like to say to “stand naked in our truth and authenticity”.

We’re told how to act and behave.  What’s ok and not ok?  Sometimes when we “showed up” as our true self we were shot down, criticized, punished or denied love.

This month we take a look at the practice of invisibility (transparency).  When we practice invisibility and transparency we allow others to see us for who we truly are and we have nothing to hide. We stand “naked” and stop hiding behind roles or masks that we put on to “protect” ourselves from being hurt or vulnerable.  But the only thing we are hiding from is our insecurities and ourselves.

Our insecurities and shortcomings are not the only thing we hide away.  We hide our intelligence, beauty and power away from others and ourselves as well.  We are uncomfortable with letting our light shine, acknowledging ourselves or allowing others to acknowledge us in fear that we may appear egotistical or arrogant.

When look into the our mirror stripped bare and begin to discover, accept and love ALL parts of ourselves, we become more comfortable with letting those parts be truly seen.  When we have nothing left to hide, we become authentic and transparent allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and show our vulnerability to the world.  We can stand in the nakedness of our truth and authenticity.

As the Luminous Warrior we claimed responsibility for our shadows that we were projecting onto others.  We are courageous enough to be seen. When we own who we are we stop leaving behind a “wake” of our stuff for the world and others to deal with.   We begin to live more consequentially; with our soul’s purpose not disturbing the ripples of creation.

Practicing invisibility and transparency is an act of empowerment. We are free to walk in our own truth, certainty and authenticity.  No longer do the roles and characters of a story that others have cast us in or that we put on ourselves limit us.  We have met our soul and seen our nakedness. We are who we say we are and we show up that way; not defined and contained, but rather free to experience our soul’s journey and be a sacred witness.


“When the waters of the lake are perfectly still it reflects everything perfectly – the trees, the mountains …. With any ripple then the waters reflect only itself.  So you must be in that state of stillness to reflect back the beauty of the Sacred that is all around you.”

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