Shamanic Practices for Modern Day Living Series 5 – Moving Beyond Fear

letgo5There is a WAR raging within you – the inner battle of the light of love vs. the darkness of fear.  The Shaman knows the secret is to become the luminous warrior, to become fearless and that love is the ultimate weapon.  The bottom line is that we are either in a state of love or a state of fear.  Even in a moment of happiness there is an undercurrent of fear – fear that the moment will end, fear that we won’t get what we need or that we will lose what we love. Our challenge is move from our fear and its darkness by embracing the moment, bringing in love and the light of our soul and spirit.

The Shaman knows that fear is a learned response so she practices fearlessness.  Our environment, our upbringing, our culture teaches us to fear and can keep us stuck in fear.  We begin to move through our life stuck in the fear response of Fight, Flight or Freeze.  We become used to living a life of “adrenaline laced” stress, unable to shake it off and let go of events and experiences.  These stress hormones are toxic to our bodies causing us to become emotionally and/or physically ill.   As we continue to focus on our fears we continue to keep experiencing the same fears over and over through different events or experiences.

When we allow ourselves to be stalked by our fears it is like the grim reaper stalking us.  We live in scarcity and not abundance. We become disconnected from people, ourselves and from the Sacred.  We become the living dead.  When we begin to embrace our fears with love, we begin to reconnect with our souls and then reconnect with Spirit and then we remember that we are eternal.

When we practice fearlessness we are not stuck in the past or worrying about the future.  Just by acknowledging our fears we can take a deep breath and calm down.  We realize in that moment we are OK and we have the choice to move forward with faith and trust.  We stop spending our energies pushing away and managing our fears and start remembering to live and enjoy life.  In the power of that moment we see that life is unfolding perfectly – it’s synchronistic and doors are always opening to us.

There will always be fear, we are after all human; but we can practice fearlessness.  With the help of the other Shamanic practices – non-judgment, non-attachment, non-suffering, and the beauty way you are better able to turn and face the fears that stalk you.  Take this moment to look into your fears.  Breathe deeply into them, acknowledge them, embrace them, love them and then release them.  Here you become empowered, you become the Luminous Warrior, ready to live life and not run from it.

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