Shamanic Practices for Modern Day Living Series 4 – Walking in Beauty

flower in concrete“Beauty before me, Beauty behind me, Beauty all around me.” This Navajo prayer of gratitude says it all. Beauty is more than a personal attribute – it is the place where our soul and spirit thrive the most because beauty is the language of Creation, Love and the Universe. When you walk in beauty and bring beauty wherever you go beauty permeates you, radiates from you, and the deep beauty of every moment is revealed.

They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and from a shamanic perspective there is so much truth to that. If we are viewing our world around us through the eyes of our souls then all we will see and experience is beauty. Not beauty as defined by the media or world around us, but the beauty defined by our own divinity and soul.

But how do we practice the Beauty way when all around us we are bombarded with ugliness in the news, on TV and in the media? The practice of Beauty is to perceive beauty and loveliness even where there is ugliness.

For example, instead of seeing a co-worker as an endless complainer you could perceive him as a symbol of your need to learn how not personalize other people’s un-happiness and not take it personally.

Your mind may be telling you what a jerk he is but when you practice the Beauty way you’ll see that you can stay centered and balanced, acknowledge your human reaction to him and be grateful for the experience. You can bring beauty to it by smiling, being more compassionate and then later reflect on what you need to learn, what wisdom the experience holds for you and what you can be grateful for.

When you practice non-judgement, non-attachment and non-suffering you can easily move into the practice of beauty.

The practice of Beauty also means to walk in beauty and bring beauty where ever you go. When others are so readily judging and complaining about that jerky co-worker you don’t need to chime in. You can be more compassionate and help others to see him in a different light as well. Maybe even reach out to him with a kind word or gesture.

Bring Beauty to your home with flowers, to yourself by wearing a bright and cheerful color and to others with a smile and kind eyes.

The practice of Beauty is to notice the pleasant in unexpected places. It’s to look for the loveliness in the ugliness. Perceive the beauty in any situation and you will find the gift from Spirit. When you see beauty all around you, beauty will seek and find you, even in the most unexpected places.

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