Shamanic Practices for Modern Day Living Series 3 – Letting Go will Free You!

letting goWhat defines you will confine you.   As we move through our lives from childhood to adulthood we begin to define ourselves through labels, roles, beliefs, etc. that are placed on us or that we place upon ourselves.  The smart child, good mother, underachiever, the hard worker, the un-lovable one, etc.

Throughout our lives we form many attachments to the roles we have – mother, daughter, friend, lover, employee, writer, etc. and also to our labels and beliefs.  Some of these can be good for us motivating us to step up and be our best.  However, it is easy to get stuck and attached to these things that define us.

Becoming attached to anything keeps you stuck and bound. We become identified by these attachments and rather than serving you they take control of you affecting your life and others around you.  Think of the mother so attached to her role that she clings to her child and becomes lost when they leave the nest; leaving the child possibly feeling guilty.  Think of the CEO so identified by the job and title that when he/she loses their job it feels like life is over with the family possibly feeling ashamed or out-cast of their social group.

The Shaman knows that practicing non-attachment can set her FREE.  Free to be who she chooses in a more authentic way.  It’s not that you are not the mother, lover, or friend anymore; these roles are just simply one part of your life.  They do not define you, dictate how you live your life and therefore you are not confined or bound.  This also allows others free to be themselves as well.

When we practice non-attachment we let go of the roles we’ve bought into and stuck on ourselves. The goal is to stop identifying with any story so our stories don’t define us.  We let go of these limiting roles and beliefs.  We let go of identities that confine us and keep us stuck.  We move past the ego, the personality, and discover the Self that can’t be so easily defined.

Non-attachment means you let go of the part of you that identifies with the dramas of the roles and stories.  Non-attachment empowers you to control your emotions and feelings and not allow the attachments to control your life.

You are FREE to experience life fully.  You can stop fearing loss of jobs, people, possessions and beliefs because you know that you are always moving forward.  You let go of your attachment to feelings, accepting them rather then resisting or hiding from them, allowing you to easily move through the more difficult times in life and open up to the more joyful times.  With non-attachment you understand that all things must come and go.   You are FREE to simply be who you are in the moment!

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