Open the doorway to the unseen world through the power of the Sacred Mesa (Altar)

In this Introductory workshop we will explore the fundamentals of the Pachakuti Mesa and Tawantinsuyu Mesa Traditions.

When: Saturday, January 21, 2017 ( to

Where: Casa de Cusi, Newbury Park, CA (private residence)

How Much: $55.00 per person


 In this Hands-On Workshop, you will: 

• Explore the Sacred Mesa “Cosmovision”

• Learn the Sacred Directions of the Mesa

• Understand the Shamanic Cosmology and the Three Worlds

• Learn to set up, activate and work with your own basic Sacred Mesa

• Receive a traditional Sacred Karpay (Transmission) for your self and your mesa.



• Altar cloth or Mestana (about 18″ x 18″)

• 5 Stones (fits in the palm of your hand)

• 1 Shell

• 1 Feather

• 1 unscented candle in glass container

• 1 Personal Power piece

• Snack lunch

• Socks or slippers for indoors

• Sealed water bottle

Workshop Fee will be applied to participants who continue on with one year program.




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