Registration: THE EAST – The Land of Eagle & Condor – Kuntur & Apuchin

THE EAST – The Land of Eagle & Condor – Kuntur & Apuchin

The Way of the Visionary

Session Four - The East - Eagle and Condor Art by

In the East we take flight and soar with Eagle & Condor. We fly higher then we have ever flown before, seeing the biggest picture of our life and embrace fully and effortlessly our soul’s journey. We become the creator of our lives, dreaming it into being. Once again we shift our perceptions from projection to creation; seeing through our soul’s eyes, heart’s wisdom and experience the Sacred in every moment.

For more information about this event, please click here. 

Session Dates: Nov 3-4, 2018

Weekend Workshop Times 

Saturday        9:00 – 9:00

Sunday           9:00 – 4:00

Classes will include self-study modules, guided journey meditation mp3s and one integration and healing meditation call.  

To pay for this session, please select from the options below.

East Session – Full Payment ($425.00)

East Session – 3-Pay Installment ($142.00 billed every 2 weeks for 3 cycles)

If you wish to pay for the 4 sessions (South, East, West, North) at once, please select the next option and save $200.

2018 SWW 4-Session Full Payment ($1500 until 02/28 only – savings of $200)

If you want to enroll in all 4 workshops at an easy payment plan, please select the next option.

2018 SWW 4-Session 10-Pay Installment ($170 billed monthly for 10 cycles)

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