Crystalline Healing

crystal healingIf you have been following me for a while you will know that last year I discovered a new “tool”, so to speak, to help navigate these new highly potent and often chaotic 5th Dimensional energies.   This new body of work is the Crystalline Consciousness Work.   Now just a year later I’m upgrading these energies again.   Last month, in April beginning right at that powerful lunar eclipse I spent an intensive week of healing and upgrading my energy and body temple to facilitate commanding in the 1000 codices of Divine and Masculine energies.

Just like an old computer needs to be upgraded to run faster and process new operating systems and software programs; if we want to fully integrate into the New Earth Paradigm and its high frequencies we need to upgrade our energy and physical bodies as well.   The Crystalline Conscious Work supports us by commanding in new frequencies of physical and angelic DNA activations as well as the Divine Feminine and Masculine Codices.  These codices were once only available to the high priest and priestess of the great ancient civilizations like the Mayan, Hopi and Inkas.   They are now available to all of us through facilitators that have the capability  (the upgraded processors) of streaming in these frequencies.

What exactly does this mean?  

When you receive these new energies into your energy field you can exponentially increase your integration into the New Earth Paradigm and into your full authentic and multi-dimensional self.  Healing ourselves of old karmic wounds, energetic blocks and imprints is a little like wiping out our hard drives, but if we don’t install a new processor, one that is upgraded to the latest and greatest, then we still have trouble navigating our way through our lives efficiently.  We still are trying to move through new energies and create a more divine and abundant life with old technology.   So as we clear the old “stuff” that is not working for us, not in alignment with divine and unconditionally love self, we call in new frequencies and bring high vibrations and light to the shadows.

This alchemical mixing of healing energies – the potent nurturing earth based shamanic healing and the high vibrational crystalline heaven energies is a fusion of Divine Earth and Divine Heaven within the very core of our being, allowing us to clear away the old, open up and unwrap the dormant DNA so that all of our divine gifts and aspects become available to us now and we more fully step into this new time with ease and certainty of our true nature.

SKULLS-2During the April Empowerment and Healing Circle call, I spoke with Aravel Garduno of the Crystalline Conscious Work in depth about these potent frequencies – what exactly are they, how they work with us and what they can do for us.  In addition, I facilitated the 90 DNA activations along with powerful karmic healing, cord cutting and infusing our vision with pure creative potential energies.   Feedback from those on the call was phenomenal; greater then I could have even imagined.   Shifts were instant – physical pain gone, emotional wounds healed, clarity and soul connection instant – powerful vibration truly, truly experienced.

This energy is really one that can’t be explained and must be experienced.  Normally, these monthly recording are only available to the Circle Members but I am gifting the recording here to you so that you can find out first hand what and why I am so excited about being able to facilitate these powerful frequencies and so that you can get a little taste of it for yourself.

Recording 1 – Aravel on CCW

Recording 2 – Crystalline Healing

As an introductory I am offering a special 45 min phone session of Crystalline Healing so that you can experience this powerful frequency first hand and step into the New Earth Paradigm. (Click the Buy Now button below to take advantage of the special)

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