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Coincidence is Crap

Recently I had an interesting experience that got me thinking.  I had just finished facilitating a community Despacho* Ceremony one evening and found myself feeling compelled to attend a ceremony/workshop event  the next week in Mt. Shasta, CA.   What’s interesting is that I really hadn’t felt the need to be there previously, especially as I […]

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Tipping Point

Recently I have been noticing more and more that those who have done some deep personal and transformative work over the last year are right on the verge of some major shifts.  They are at a “Tipping Point” as I like to say.   Now as an intuitive healer I usually “see” this before they experience […]

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The Difference Is Made By Your Choice

I knew that going to the Crystalline Conscious Retreat in Uxmal was going to be a huge shift for me because my everyday life had gotten very chaotic the week before and I was all over the place with emotion and stress.  In the thick of of the chaos, it was hard for me to […]

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