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Joy Brugh

Joy Brugh

It is her purpose and passion to empower women through their life’s Challenges and Changes by removing fear and confusion and opening up to brand new beginnings.

She combines ancient Shamanic Healing with many other powerful Energetic Clearing and Healing techniques including the new paradigm frequencies of Crystalline Consciousness to help you permanently heal your past so you can step into your future. 

Joy offers a safe and scared place to heal, change and transform and has been helping change the lives of countless women for almost ten years.  


Joy’s Story

We all have a story or experience(s) in our lives that gave us a deep opportunity to change our current course in life and redefine ourselves.   The story can often times seem tragic, but in my opinion, or rather hindsight; it is always beautiful.   My story may be your story – and in many ways the story of all of us.  The beginning of the story is usually one of seeking and wondering; seeking for the thing or things in life that will somehow make us happy and wondering what or how we can change to find that happiness.

If you are in this place of seeking and wondering in your story, or already know life gets better and just need a little help, then please read on so that you can know there is a happy ending; that there really can be a “happily and joyfully ever after”.

I have always sought after things of a spiritual nature, always knew in the depths of my being that there was more to life then what I was being told or what I was living; but like make many of those who grew up in traditional ways there was no road map or role model.   It took a complete shaking up of my life for me to discover that road map and to recognize the role models.

When the end began, I don’t really know.  The death of the old me was a slow and painful process; much like a silent cancer that systemically feeds off of you until one day you don’t even know how or what happened but you are like the walking dead.   I found myself like this in my early forties — medicated on anti-depressants and so good at pretending that everything was okay I almost believed it.  On the roughest of days or darkest of nights, I could be found cowering in a corner of my closet or the bathroom (hiding so my children wouldn’t see); crying hysterically, begging and praying for answer that would take my heartache and pain away and sometimes begging to be taken away myself.

I won’t get into the details of my anguish here in public, but in private if you ask I will tell you.   Even now as I write this and review my story, I can feel the deep gratitude for the “anguish” move through me as I now can see the great gift that I was given through it.

I was sitting in the office of my third therapist in the last ten years.  In passing during our session, he mentioned he was a Shaman and my ears perked up.  I wanted to know more; I was very intrigued.  (I now know it was the calling and stirring of something deeper within me.) It was this day that was the end of one and the beginning of all.  At the end of this normal “talk therapy” session, my therapist asked if I would like my “chakras balanced”.  I did not have much knowledge of energy work and had no expectations of anything – but why not.

Prior to this day, I had been trying to wean myself off or just down to a lower dose of my current anti-depressants with no luck.  Anytime I tried a lower dose, my life got out control even more – mood swings, anxiety, etc.   However, that day that I got my Chakras balanced a miracle happened – I never took another anti-depressant.

Now of course, I didn’t just wake up and make this decision.   No, it was much more subtle then that.  When I left the session that day, I noticed a feeling  – very soft, very subtle but I was noticeably calm and peaceful.  A few days went by and I realized that I had forgotten to take my meds, but still felt good.  This encouraged me to not take them and see what would happen.   I continued on and each week that I went to my session, we would do our “talk therapy” and then we do some energy work.

I couldn’t get enough of the energy work, and my life started changing dramatically.  The changes were not always easy, but I moved through them so quickly and with such ease, peace and love.  It was not only evident in my life as I found my personal strength and beauty but it was evident to those around me. They began to ask me what I was doing different – I had an inner and outer glow about me.

That was the beginning of everything.  I began studying everything I could get my hands on, and within in a short time I began my Shamanic training.  It started out simply for my own personal healing, but through it I found my calling.  I found out my Life’s Purpose, Passion and Path.  I found the road map and become the role model.

So what have I gone through?  Not as much some but maybe more than others – divorce, family addictions, death and loss, health issues, financial crisis, major career changes, etc.   Today, I proudly create a magical life with prosperity, abundance in all ways – family, friends, health, love, financial and more.

So as you can see, my own personal struggles gave way to personal triumphs and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that were it not for the energy work I would still be sitting in a therapist office and still be searching.

If any of this tugs at your heart, or you hear even just the tiniest bit of your story here, I invite you to contact me.   Let me share with you the road map to your own place where life is joyful and each day magical.

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